Yak Tour Team summits Sheepback Peak and returns for spaghetti dinner in the beautiful Alaskan wilderness

Hey everybody, this is Todd. We’re at Sheepback Lake, on the Yak Tour, had a great day today. Doug and Scott and I, we climbed to the top of Sheepback Peak and it was fantastic up there. And we’re back down in camp, getting a little rain now, so we’re all taking a nap in our tents.

The yaks are all running around and Toshi, the Wonder dog, is having a good time. And we’ll have a great dinner, we’re going to make spaghetti and baguettes and have a good evening. So we just want to touch base, and say “Hi” to everyone. This is Todd calling from the Yak tour… Bye bye!

Views from a high alpine pass.

Camp at Sheepback Lake.

On the summit of Sheepback Peak.

The crew relaxing after a summit climb.

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