Team eating well as Yaks play “King of the Hill” at Lake Camp, after a sunny day of walking through beautiful Alaskan wildflower meadows

Hi folks, this is Joe Kluberton again, with my dad, Tom Kluberton, and Mingma Tsering. We just got to Lake Camp, we left Beaver Camp this morning, named for about a 400 foot beaver dam that goes across the lake, right upside of there. We waded our way through a bit of a marsh with some beautiful flowers and different wildlife in there, mostly some birds and things. And then headed up through the valley, had a beautiful day again, sunny weather, we’ve really been hitting the weather well.

I ran up here to the top of a little mountain outside of Lake Camp to get some cell phone reception, which is great, I can be talking about 60 miles off in the distance and see about everything around me. Got to chance a little bit of a fox up a hill, that was nice, he kept trying to get away from me and I kept catching up to him, and he’d run away again.

We’re down there at camp, the yaks had a great time. They cruised right into the lake and swam out to an island and kind of played king of the hill on that little island for a bit. We’re about to make some burritos; we had some delicious French toast this morning with some sausages, and king salmon for lunch, smoked salmon and a little bit of brie. So we’re eating well and having a great time.

And wishing everybody the best back home and we’ll talk to you all soon.

Yaks and guides traveling across the high tundra, Mt. Foraker in the background.

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