Trekking through the stunning Alaskan wilderness, our Yak Tour Team enjoyed caribou and bear sightings, the spectacular views of the mountains, and a delicious salmon dinner

Hey folks, this is Joe Kluberton, Mingma Tsering, and Tom Kluberton on the 2012 Yak Trek, up here in Alaska.  We had a wonderful trek in, saw a couple bears and some caribou, and had some delicious salmon after our trekkers flew into Moon Shadow Lake.  It was beautiful weather there, saw Hunter, and a little bit of Foraker, Denali.

We trekked a day, it was beautiful weather again, saw some caribou.  We lured them in pretending we had horns till they came about, well there was just one of them, but he came about 15 feet away from us, before he realized we were humans. (static)

We’re getting ready to have some ribs here today.  We had a little bit of some showers that joined us for awhile, but they took off, it’s sunny and beautiful again.  So looking forward to heading up to Lake Camp tomorrow and everybody’s doing wonderful.  Hope all…. (transmission garbled)… alright take care.

View of Denali on the way to our landing site.

Moon Shadow Lake

View of Denali while hiking around Moon Shadow Lake.

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